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Another word for sweeping

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Transitive to move or to carry something or someone away with a quick smooth movement Synonyms and related words 4 intransitive to go somewhere quickly and confidently Synonyms and related words.I hauled him in, and he told me, he thought, some one had hold of the other end of the sweep.I have never had to sweep out the schoolhouse since the time you know.We rake the grass, and then, gilding refined gold, we johndeere com rewards sweep.Transitive to shine a light in a circular or curved movement over an area, especially in order to search for something Synonyms and related words 6 intransitive to stretch over a large area, especially in a long wide curve Synonyms and related words 7 transitive.You can change your cookie settings at any time.Synonyms of sweeping broad, deep, expansive, extended, extensive, far-flung, far-reaching, rangy, wide, wide-ranging, widespread, words Related to sweeping comprehensive, general, global, inclusive boundless, endless, infinite, limitless, unlimited capacious, commodious, roomy, spacious Near Antonyms of sweeping Antonyms of sweeping narrow Learn More about sweeping Seen and.Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the", if possible).Words at Play Ask the Editors Word Games.Transitive to clean discount oil western ma something such as a chimney with a long brush, synonyms and related words 2 intransitive/transitive to move or spread quickly through an area Synonyms and related words 3 transitive to move something or someone with powerful mighty deals discount code uk 2016 force Synonyms and related words.Intransitive to move quickly and smoothly without stopping for anyone or anything Synonyms and related words 5 intransitive/transitive to look over every part of someone or something in one continuous movement of your eyes Synonyms and related words.This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website.
He sat down, back of the harp, and made ready to sweep the strings.

More verb /swip close present tense, i/you/we/they sweep he/she/it sweeps present participle sweeping past tense swept past participle swept.