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Best way to win civ 5

Defending your Cities: Combat Strength and Ranged Garrisons As you raise the difficulty, Barbarian attacks and War both become more likely.
In an update on a Kickstarter project, lead designer Jon Shafer himself criticised some of the game's shortcomings.Consider conquering and otherwise acquiring a monopoly on a strategic resource and then only providing them to your allies.The Great Lighthouse provides an opportunity to really add to your advantage, and any enemy civilization which manages to build this before you will close the gap somewhat.On top of that, from a historical theme perspective, capital cities were frequently razed in real life.15 Cost, No penalty when attacking cities, 2 Vision Range, Double defense when Embarked."PC News: 2 new Civilization V DLC packs land next week".China is very well suited for military win 10 local security policy victories, but can do very well in the Space Race as well.14 for a Trebuchet.Provides 3 Food to Marsh or Flood Plain Tile yields.Bear this in mind as the Caravel is generally the first ocean-faring ship and the Turtle Ship is not suitable as an ocean faring attack ship.You absolutely must explore and find those natural wonders.Due to the normal XP provided by barracks you can immediately upgrade this for further flank and combat bonuses.It features a large list of things that cause a hit to relations or help your Civ to grow more friendly with others.6 13 15 There is also a balance between ranged and melee units.

You'll also learn a bit about the build queue and how you can purchase buildings with gold and faith.
Oil and Oasis tiles yield a bonus of 2 gold.