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Can you use barnes and noble gift cards on kindle

You'll need: Your device The USB cord A Desktop or Laptop computer (PC or Mac) A local library card, user ID and PIN (if applicable) Internet access for your desktop or laptop computer Click here to learn how to sideload content onto your eInk device.
On the Settings screen, tap Screen.You can also dancewear central discount codes create one directly on your nook during the registration process.Note: To register your nook and to purchase and download books and periodicals, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.The first issue of the newspaper you just subscribed to will appear in two places: On the Daily Shelf of your Home screen and also in your Library.You'll see a screen listing the version number of the software installed on your nook Tablet.4) If it's your home network, try powering off and powering back on your home Wi-Fi router.Can I connect my nook to a MiFi?You will not have access to your book while it is lent out (similar experience with paper book and each book can only be lent one time.Once the Quick Nav bar appears, tap Home to return to the Home screen at any time.Deleting a book, periodical, or app will permanently remove it from your m account and cannot be undone.Wait for 30 minutes for the app to fully install.
How can I borrow nook Books from my nook Friends with my nook Tablet?