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Chances for trump to win presidency

chances for trump to win presidency

America will have more jobs, clean energy, bla bla bla.
Based on known defections, somewhere around 35 congressmen are already anti-Trump (to varying degrees including a majority of Utahs delegation, and great gifts under 10.00 a majority of the graceland gift shop hours Republicans in Nevadas.
Trumps crime is to question the voting before its even happened.
First, McMullin is a Mormon, and while Utah is a deep red state, the heavily Mormon population has not embraced Trumpism.Its unlikely, but far from impossible.The only way he won't is if something happens before he becomes president.At least it is what the Americans are saying.I see comments here and there saying Trump is just great for TV and publicity and is not qualified at all for the white house.Out comes the deflections, denials, rants and rambling explanations that sound like digging deeper.Unprecedented numbers of congressional leaders have already abandoned their nominee and thats under the working assumption that Clinton is the only alternative.I will anxiously await November 9 (my Birthday) to see if I am right.One by one, his opponents in the Republican party got eliminated.Next, there was this buzz before the primary elections.It was all bluff.Compared to Hillary Clinton's speeches.Hillary Clinton is the neoconservative candidate in this election.Meanwhile, the vice president would likely be known.Until it was him, Ted Cruz and Kasich.I checked on Google Trends.Liberals powerup rewards login problem are voting for the more Right-wing person on foreign policy when they vote for her.There were glimmers of credibility.But Clinton chose to not talk much about.He was the host of "The Apprentice" that was watched by a lot of people world wide.If youre pro-McMullin or anti-Trump enough that this scenario excites you, congrats.

Furthermore, Clinton has scandals on Emails, Benghazi, and cover-ups.
Look at who he took to the debate.