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Gifts for cooking enthusiasts

This 3-pack of black cherry, cinnamon and grapefruit looks like a perfect vegan gift.
Catnip This candy-cane toy is stuffed with organic catnip.Though theyre much safer than bones (which arent vegan anyway!Minimalist Bakers Everyday Cooking : this book is full of the kind of recipes you can make after a long day of work.This 5-blade spiralizer comes with 5 different blades to cut vegetables into whatever shape noodle you want.apart from those little plastic balls filled with bells.Check the latest price by clicking here.If I were getting a swimming-related present, Id love this waterproof iPod, which comes with waterproof headphones.Vegan apron Looking for funny vegan gifts?Recommended from Chowhound, and no, they're not the ones you'd expect.A firm favourite of vegan gift-giving, Ive received many vegan cookbooks over the years.Staffed by top engineers, scientists and technology experts, the GH Institute tests and evaluates thousands of products each year for the magazine, website and for the Good Housekeeping Seal and the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, which are among the most recognized and trusted consumer icons.She loved chasing them!The Best Vegan kenbro discount carpet warehouses ltd southend on sea Cookbooks Ah, the cookbook.A vegan-themed childrens book I havent read it, but Ive heard so many good things about Ruby Roths Vegan Is Love, which explains veganism in a child-friendly way.However, vegans beware because many clothes marketed as travel clothes contain silk or wool!The longest-lasting, most durable food processor (for easy homemade vegan cheeses, pesto and hummus) This cute little Cuisinart mini food processor is one of my favourite kitchen implements.Click here to see my vegan blender buying guide.For the raw vegan chef Spiralizer with multiple shape attachments so you can cut veggies into different ribbons and shapes A spiralizer is the perfect gift for a vegan who loves zoodles (zucchini noodles) or other vegetable pasta.Click here to find out the latest price on Vitamix blenders.I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker and think its the best in its price range (I researched ice cream makers for several weeks before purchasing!).