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Gifts to go with a blanket

If you want to space your bobbles like mine, heres what.
Row 38 With new color, dc across.
Count your stitches at the end, just to be safe.
Row 22 With new color, dc across. However Im very happy with my blanket and I really do mean this as a credit to Julies lovely work she is an inspiration in many ways!At this point my blanket is so large that I couldnt get a good photo square on, but you can see all of the rows there. It should look like this: At the end, you will only have 2 sts, left, so do like we did in the last row: pull up loops from last 2 sts, yo, pull through to finish.Row 36 Make a normal dc row. Skip 3 sts, 7 dc in next.Im using the same one as row.Were here to help you.The way I chose the order of the stitch patterns was pretty random except for the bobble rows. That counts as your first stitch. Pull up loops from the first 2 sts: Yarn over and finish the stitch: Sc in next 2 sts, then sc 3 in the middle treble of the row below: Sc in next 2 sts, then make another decrease over the next 3 sts, just. Heres what itll look like: rows 79 80 With new color, work the two rows that make up the star stitch pattern. Ch 1 (again, this does NOT count as your first stitch like it usually does).Row 81 With new color, work hdcs in the spaces discount adidas polo shirts between the hdcs of row.Row 18 With new color, dc across.
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