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Godzilla vs king kong who would win

godzilla vs king kong who would win

Plus King Kong (the new movie) is muchbetter than Godzilla.
He can just burn them.
There were two endings filmed for "King Kong vs Godzilla".
Godzilla lighthouse gifts and books hardy va is much stronger thnn King Kong, not to mention much bigger.Yes it is called King Kong's Revenge in 2010 No they are not.Subscribe to trailers: /sxaw6h, subscribe to coming soon: /H2vZUn, like us on facebook: /dHs73, follow us on twitter: /1ghOWmt, godzilla.Nuclear breath isnt much of an advantage when youve got an ape trying to rip your face open or silverwood discount tickets costco 2017 punching you in the throat.I wish he was, too, but he's not.Watch our exclusive Ultimate Trailers, Showdowns, Instant Trailer Reviews, Monthly MashUps, Movie News, and so much more to keep you in the know.Feel free to weigh in on the latest showdowns by click on the red box at the end.Growing up, I knew who Godzilla was.But never watched the movies.Its not uncommon for a much smaller animal to take down a larger target.Godzilla is definitely stronger.I also feel that Godzilla has a very strong personality.He is way bigger and smarter than the transformers.Godzilla movie, yes he did.But Godzilla would win.
Who does not love a monster that has automic fire for breath!