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Gold reward icon

gold reward icon

15,000 Teen Reduces the penalties of any mistakes on stage while improving the chances of getting a gig.
Some rewards that come in the form of objects can be sold for.The Moodlet Manager does NOT "cure" the "Sore" moodlet from sleeping after golden globes who will win a rigorous workout.Nausea from pregnancy or failed Alchemy elixirs will not occur.20,000 Teen Plants become one quality level higher than the seed or produce it was planted from.Over 10 million smiling members and counting.Lungs of Steel Go Scuba Diving without the fear of running out of air.This reward can be passed down.Wild Horses are often attracted to your home lot.Join the Honey community.Long Distance Friend People will never become Distant Friends, even if you ignore them for win tickets to sxsw a while.The only difference is that the phone interface would appear translucent.
Note: This reward can be sold for up to 6,000.
Trade Gold for gift cards.

As soon as riot releases the Season 8 summoner icon season rewards, this page will be up-to-date with the newest season rewards available.