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Harvest moon magical melody gifts

Milk Happy gifts: Good Egg hates: Honey, Very Berry Jam Note 91 - Social Craftsman Joe will come by and give you a Ukui fish.
(located by Maverick Zero) Note 71 - Book Maria's Library is open every day except Mondays (and festival days).
Your child will stay in the crib all day, but you can pick him up and carry him around the village.
Some will only appear after events while others can be picked up just by doing normal activities.If you're married the Sprites will still stop by, but they will just ask if you want to participate or not.0 - Row 5 Notes Note 67 - New Year's Sunrise A date that occurs on Winter.The player must gather musical notes by finishing various chores and milestones.You can see how much training your horse has by viewing it's profile.When you combine your first yarn with a dye ingredient you'll earn the Note.Birthday: Spring 30 Heart gifts: Turnips Happy gifts: Toadstool, Green Herb, Pontata Root,.You what is a loan discount fee can buy pumpkin seeds from Liz and grow the squash yourself.Egg, Coral, Pontata Root, Orange Herb Note 86 - Princess Getting Dia up to 2 hearts will net you a Blueberry.Note 25 - Milking Ship 10 bottles of milk.Visit the beach at night to watch the fireworks.Amethyst 220 G Floor 15 Aquamarine 230 G Floor 20 Topaz 240 G Floor 25 Sapphire 250 G Floor 30 Emerald 330 G Floor 35 Ruby 350 G Floor 40 Diamond 500 G Floor 50 Floor 10 in the cave is a dead end (no.You can find a lot of them in the mountainous risk and reward board game area above the village.

To receive cake you'll need to talk to someone who has at least 3 hearts.