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Hay day level up rewards

There was a time when 100 was the highest level and then 200 became the highest level.
Currently, 300 is the highest level of the game.So, in order to make money, Supercell encourages users sounders camp coupon code 2015 to buy diamonds.Do you know that when you reach the next level, you also get awards and bonuses?You can use them to keep your farm in good shape.Previously, it was believed that the highest Hay Day level was 100 but we saw people going even beyond that.You can start to mine at level 24 and you can start to fish at level.There is a forum thread where budget air uk coupon code you can trade and buy different items from other users.A lot of games use levels as a marker of progress, and a system for unlocking more content.Those who have played these above-mentioned games know that there is something common among these games.When you reach level 24, you are allowed to mine and when you reach level 27 you can catch fish.You move from one level to another based on selling your crops, taking and filling orders, harvesting crops, doing crafts, and even filling boat crates.Use your capital to expand common baptism gifts your silo.The yellow tags are usually really good deals and you will want to water the trees and all of the bushes.It appears that initially the highest level was 100.
That means no more potential revenue from those people and users stopping Hay Day because of a built in attribute.
Supercell keeps introducing a new feature to the game in order to make sure that your interest remains alive.

You will want to rely on the newspaper for things that you cant make yourself.