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How many votes did donald trump win by

how many votes did donald trump win by

Trump and Clinton watched TV from their Manhattan eyries the Trump Tower penthouse, the Peninsula hotel while, like the national treasure he is, CNNs Wolf Blitzer announced every incoming projection with his usual breathless excitement, even though the results were as portentous as a slab.
But as one by one Trump secured his biggest targets Ohio.20pm, North Carolina.45pm, Florida shortly after talk of the unlikelihood of a Republican path to the White House switched to the unlikelihood that Clinton would make.Certainly I misjudged the country, came the cry of despair from liberal economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman.But he had orlando restaurant gift cards chosen his place, and it was beside the winner.That would be the work of a loser.Hillary Clinton supporters reacting to Tuesday nights news.Well, they can always do that, but then theyll lose everything, he said.Among those who favored giving illegal immigrants a chance to apply for legal status, one in three voted for Trump."More than anybody in the history of the Republican Party.Trump took the lectern, which was also white and gold, on the stage at the front of the ballroom.Rubio, the Republican establishments last, best hope for an alternative to Trump, had spent the week aggressively taunting the frontrunner.The Candidates Personal Characteristics, these were not likable candidates who instilled a great deal of confidence in their supporters.Latino voters were showing a historic surge also, particularly in crucial Florida, arousing speculation across cable channels as diverse as Fox News and left-leaning msnbc that the sleeping giant of the Hispanic vote had truly been awakened this time.She did win 86 percent of white Democratic women, but only 81 percent of white, Democratic men voted for her.However, as the article noted, Trump did have the chance to reach that milestone with strong showings in some upcoming primaries.And virtually as many voters (38 percent) said trade with other countries creates more.S.
Among black men she won by 80 percent to 13 percent.
People were getting into cars.

According to the exit polls, Republicans stayed loyal to their presidential candidate.