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How to decorate a gift card

Children will use art tools to make a craft.
Trace tie and gift card pocket on to cardstock paper and cut out.
It can be made out of plain coloured or patterned card, or why not try decorating the card yourself after cutting out the basic shape.
Add glue to three sides of the gift card pocket (as indicated on pattern) and glue to the front of the tie.Download wells fargo business rewards the bag and tag templates onto the back of the card.We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding.Its all here in one lovely resource that is accessible, practical and filled with the absolute best ideas and inspiration for creating a home that you will love.An alternative way of closing the little bag is, after putting in your gift, fold over both tops to one side and seal with a sticker.We have provided two templates, one with the fold (dotted) lines marked on (great for reference or if children are making them) and one with no dotted fold lines on for a more professional finish.Variation: Let children write their own little gift card for helping Dad clean the car, etc.Or you can wait until the bag is assembled and decorate it then.Let children decorate the tie.From fabric choices, to selecting the perfect lighting for each room.You can visit Karianne every day at Thistlewood Farm for more great decorating and diy ideas and while youre there I bass pro boat giveaway highly encourage you to pick up copies of her beautiful books.Matters of consumer privacy and rights are paramount to our brands and we will continue to work diligently to make our products available to you.

The bag is now finished unless you want to add more decorations.
If using a craft knife lay the card face down on a cutting mat and using the ruler and craft knife very gently score along the dotted line (DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY through THE card).
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