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Macy gray let you win

You're so easy, but I ain't satisfied till I make you cry.
Yeah we laugh and we tease.
Yeah, I'm throwin' in the activate rewards marlboro towel.Yeah, you're so easy but I ain't satisfied 'til I make you cry.Let higher discount rate means you win, let you win.Without you in it, shoulda let it go, coulda let.Puttin' my hands up 'cause I need you now.Oh baby, yeah baby, you think you're right baby, most of the time.Let you win, wanna see you again.Putting my hands up, but I need you now, and if I had it to do over, I'd see you again.There's no way, no how, i can live without you now, baby, I surrender.I get a taste of the summer sun every time you walk into my door.Or your merry-go-round, take me 'round and 'round.And I'm shaking while you're breaking away.Should've let it go, could've let it go, could let you win.Coulda let you win, you know I'm right, oh baby, yeah baby most of the time, you think you're right, baby, most of the time.Let You Win, this song is by, macy Gray and appears on the album.Oh, babe, photobox discount code jan 2018 yeah, baby, there's no way, no how I can heal without you now.Oh baby, yeah baby, there's no way (No way no how (No how) I can live without you now.Coulda let you win Let you win.And I'm waiting while you're breaking away.And I'm shaking, while you're breaking away, and if I had it to do over, I'd see you again.I think I know all about you.
I'd do it right and when we fight I'd let you win 'cause my world is nearly nothing without you.