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Lock or Store Gleems so this doesn't happen.
Rewards: Use x 50 50,000 Use x 300 100,000 Use x 1,000 150,000 Use x 3,000 x200 Obtain Astromon x 200 High x1 Use x75 x100 Summon Astromon via Rebirth x 10 x100 Summon Astromon via Soulstone x 5 x100 Awaken Astromon x 30 High.
Event Vote for the Astromon that you would like to own as your pet!
No worries if you fail to clear a dungeon, you can win fifa coins still try again during the hour.Jack O Little (4) will be available by summoning from Special Shop, High Secret Egg, and High Dark/Light Egg.Event Claim rewards by going to the Airship then tap Rewards: Complete the Mission Mission 50 Complete x1 Mission 100 Complete x1 Mission Details Use x10 Energy x20 Use x25 Energy x50 Use x50 Energy x100 Use x100 Energy x100,000 Use x200 Energy x200,000 Use.Rewards: Clear Story Mode (Hard) x 300 200,000 Clear Story Mode (Extreme) x 150 300,000 Use x 1,500 1 Snowee Use x 3,000 1 Snowee Clear Starstone Dungeon x 150 High x50 Clear Dark Dungeon x 75 High x30 Clear Fire Dungeon x 75 High.The recovery stat and its buffs/debuffs increases/decreases HP recovered from Red Orbs and healer passive/active skills.Daylight savings time shifts event times by one hour.They last for three days starting at 12:00 and ending at 23:59 local time.Gatito Light/Dark can be obtained from Fusion system.Adventure For leveling mons with the occasional Variants, Rares,.For example, signing in for three days gets grandma pillow gift you 3 eggs.Rewards will be based on total participants and ranking results from the event.L/D mons are summoned from L/D Eggs, Golden Eggs, and Rebirth.Then submit the following form ganesh gift items and include your IGN.Water: Strong against Fire.Leave your list in the comment section with your IGN.A typical leveling team has three maxed mons and one noob.Items: (Light) Mini Seira x1 costs 365 Gold 365 Energy costs 3,650 Gold costs 36,500 Gold costs 365,000 Gold costs 3,650,000 Gold Source: Official Facebook Page 09/07/17 09/26/17 1st Happy Birthday!
Reward: x50 Source: Official Facebook Page 2017/07/20 2017/07/26 Catch Me!
B7, B8, B9, and B10 have a chance to drop High Secret Eggs.