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Muslim girl names meaning gift of allah

muslim girl names meaning gift of allah

Nudhar meaning in gift articles for functions Urdu Gold.
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Redness in the sky at sunset Shafath Curing or healing people Shafeeqah A compassionate kind hearted friend Shafia Mercy Shafiah Intercessor Shafiqah Compassionate, tender Shagufta Blooming, Happy Shahada Bearing witness Shahana Queen Shaharun Honest, trustworthy Shahed Honey Shaheema Smart, clever Shaheena Falcon Shaheenah Falcon Shaheerah.
Makarim name gifted children canada means in Urdu Of good and honorable character Malak name means in Urdu Angel.Wafa means in Urdu Faithfulness.Rafa means Happiness; Prosperity.Afeefah means in Urdu Pure; Chaste; Modest.Hadiya means in Urdu Guide to righteousness Hafsa means in Urdu Name of wife of the Prophet.Farida girl name means Unique.Wafeeqa meaning in Urdu Successful.Amani girl name means, wishes; Aspirations, amina girl name means.Hanan means in Urdu Mercy.Amira (ameera - princess anbar (ambar - camphor areej (fragrance).Aatika girl name means, lady who is richly perfumed.Islamic Arabic names for baby girls with Hindi meaning, Pakistani Urdu names list of Muslim female women, Indonesian famous Islamic girls names Malaysian names for newborn girls Malayalam baby girls names meaning popular Bengali names of Muslim girls Indian Islamic girls names with accurate meaning Muslim girl names from quran with.Haniya means in Urdu Pleased; Happy.Maryam name means in Urdu Name of Mother of Jesus Masoomah name means in Urdu Protected.Ahd girl name means, pledge; Knowledge, aida girl name means.Thurayya meaning in Urdu Star.Beautiful; Radiant, banan girl name means, finger tips.Maysoon name means in Urdu Of beautiful face and body Mufeeda name means in Urdu Useful Muna name means in Urdu Wish; Desire Munira name means in Urdu Illuminating; Shedding light.