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PDF An Analysis of the Engagement Partner Busyness in Malaysia Pre- and Post- Establishment of the Audit Oversight Board (Wan Nordin Wan-Hussin, Hasan Mohamed Bamahros, Siti Norwahida Shukeri).4761-4766.
PDF On Study of the Hologram Display using Mirror in Interactive Media Arts (Hyeyoung Yoo and Hyunggi Kim).4159-4164.
PDF Analytical Approach to the Household Income and Expenditure in Slovakia (Anna Antonyova, Abd Halid Bin Abdullah and Sasitharan Nagapan).2619-2624.
PDF A Study on Complex Positioning System for Improving IPS Positioning Accuracy (Hyoun Sup Lee and Jin Deog Kim).307-316.A foda Oriented Approach to Architecture based Ripple Effect Analysis (Sajid Anwar, Shehzad Haleem, Toqeer Ali Syed, Awaia Adnan, Tamleek Ali Tanveer, Masoom Alam, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ramzan and Abdul Rauf).2139-2150.Multi-Robot Collaboration Simulation using LTL Synthesis (Sunghae Kim and Gihwon Kwon).1763-1770.PDF A Study on Sound Transfer Characteristics how to get a discount on match com of the Cave Concert (Uk-Jin Song, Eun-Young Yi and Myung-Jin Bae).4101-4108.PDF Determinants for Adult Continuing Education applying the Tobit model and the Heckman Selection Model (Sun Young, Chang).3827-3832.PDF Customer Incivility's Effect on Organizational Achievement and Mediated Effect on Emotional Exhaustion (Mun-Mi Cho and Jung-Hwa Lee).4491-4498.Highly Secured Cloud Computing using Functional Encryption Scheme (R.PDF A Study on an Available Capacity Calculation Model for V2G based on Passenger Vehicle Driving Information of Korea (Dong-Wook Kim, Sung-Yong Son and Soon-Nam Chu).5123-5128.PDF A Study of Big Data-based Recommendation Service (Wansik An).1907-1916.A Broadcasting Scheme for Time-Synchronization in wusb over ieee 802.15.6 Hierarchical MAC (Kyeong Hur, Won-Sung Sohn and YangSun Lee).997-1002.PDF OneM2M Communication Based on the Internet of Things (Am-Suk Oh).5727-5732.On the Construction of DL-Based Convertible Authenticated Encryption Scheme with Message Linkages (Tzong-Sun Wu, Han-Yu Lin, Shu-Hsin Tsao and Pei-Yih Ting).7983-7994.PDF Design of Resilient Combinational vlsi Circuits (Ziyad Ahmed Al Tarawneh).4943-4962.PDF The Correlation of the Factors Affecting the Smartphone Addiction of Young Adult Women (Nayoung Choi).3315-3324.Detecting Moving Objects using Background Modeling and Local Binary Patterns (HyungJun Kim).2305-2310.PDF Study on the Activation Energy of the Design Basis Events (Sungwan Park and Sunchul Jung).3733-3742.
Building Knowledge Domain N-Gram Model for Mobile Devices (Dongjin Choi, Byungkyu Ko, Myunggwon Hwang and Pankoo Kim).3583-3590.
PDF A Novel Live Streaming System using P2P and Statistical Multiplexing (Sookyung Park, Doohyun Lee,.

Reducing Uncertain Information in Type-2 Fuzzy Variables by Lebesgue -Stieltjes Integral with Applications (Xiao-Li Wu, Yan-Kui Liu and Wei-Li Chen).1409-1426.
Pseudo-Symmetric Link Configuration in Dispersion-Managed WDM Transmission System with Optical Phase Conjugator (Jae-Pil Chung and Seong-Real Lee).5963-5968.
PDF A Study on Usage Behavior of Pre-installed Mobile Applications (Seongmook Kim and Hyunhee Cha).719-726.