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Octapharma Rewards are run through this portal.
While the procedure may vary slightly from one location to the next, it will usually look something like this: Checking.Support, have questions or issues?Enjoy your Cctapharma card!2, earn rewards, get rewarded for each plasma donation you make this year.Because of the costs associated with preparing blood for research and treatment, making money means selling blood to hospitals for between 130.00 and 150.00 per pint.What This Article Covers: Finding Plasma Donation Centers, the Plasma Donation Process, plasma versus Whole Blood.Watching a short video on the plasma donation process.Those points go towards tiered rewards including: Express Passes (less time in the waiting room on a subsequent visit) e-Gift cards Special sweepstakes The program runs annually, from January to December, and members accumulate points during that period.The Octapharma Plasma Donation Process, the process of collecting blood plasma is called plasmapheresis.In this article, well cover all the basics of donating plasma, participating in the Octapharma Rewards program, keeping track of the balance on an Octapharma prepaid card, and how to get the most Octapharma Rewards points possible.This is how you check your Octapharma card balance.Easy, secure, and automatic.Please try again later.More plasma can be extracted from a donor with a higher weight, which is why Octapharma pays these individuals more for their donation.Compared with most other blood components, plasma remains usable for a long time after donation.The card may be reloaded after every successful plasma donation.As an OPI Rewards member, you earn points to qualify for tiered rewards including Express Passes, e-gift cards and sweepstakes prizes!Members earn points with every donation, where one donation equates to one point.The Octapharma Plasma Card Overview, how to Check Your Octapharma Card Balance.Click the button above to be redirected to our new website!
Octapharma Plasma Payments Donating blood is admirable.
However, receiving mt rainier national park gifts payment for donating blood makes the deal that much sweeter.

Members can track their points online from their computer or phone.
Getting Paid to Donate Blood to Octapharma Plasma and Elsewhere.
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