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Setting a limit is great for those more extravagant rewards delta hotel voucher (like one-on-one video chats) that youd like to make more exclusive.
As mentioned above it is difficult to judge the creative output of a creator and we do not want to impose our judgment here.
The video cost him 10,000 and three months to make and got nearly 2 million views, he said, but he made just 963 throughs ad network.
Things like how do they have so much time?Continue to support the creator if you are not happy with them.If you cant get in touch with the creator, or if you dont think they have a good reason for not creating anything recently, then we suggest you cancel your membership.What do I do if a creator didn't deliver the benefit or stopped posting content?Also, are we not supposed to notice the huge spike in how much Patreon takes of my supporters' coin?They are not obligated to provide a refund, but you can always ask and the creator can make the decision to refund your most recent pledge.In short, rewards are highly valuable to both you and your community.Patreon enforced a bad habit of comparing your works to others and asking a million questions about how they got where they are, he said.Check out our article on, reward Ideas for even more reward suggestions for musicians, filmmakers/vloggers, podcasters, photographers, gamers, writers and visual artists.But even Sarkeesian is only bringing in 1,945 a month for her podcast, which is not that much money when you consider that shes splitting it with two co-hosts.But now Im realizing that as a struggling photographer without a massive social media following, Im probably not Patreons Target Creator.Here are a few steps we do not suggest taking: Ask Patreon for a refund.And the creator have to paid it back even if they already spent.Of course I was grateful for everyone who contributed to mine, but none of the sites promises were coming true.Rewarding your patrons is a great way to show your fans how much they mean to you, as well as incentivize potential patrons to become your patrons.This could be anything from pre-sale concert tickets, downloads, personal gifts, hangouts, hand written notes or anything else they can offer as a way to thank you for being apart of their community.We strongly believe in self-policing by patrons.
Basically, Patreon is good at protecting their patrons ( people who pay for the product but not their creator ( people who get paid because they create the product ).