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Rebates for mini split

rebates for mini split

(All of our Ductless Splits come pre-charged with R410A for the length of included line set).
For example, a tri-zone system come with 3 install kits.
There are two types of pump options.Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps *The Sponsors of Mass Save train participating contractors in the installation procedures such as opi rewards points proper duct sealing, airflow measurements, and appropriate sizing for your living space to ensure equipment operates efficiently.Not all system brands offer these customization options.To get started, call us at to schedule a Home Energy Assessment.They are built with complex integrated circuits that are very sensitive to electrical spikes and transients.Electric heating and cooling equipment may be available at no cost through the Income Eligible Program.How it works, your Lennox dealer mounts the indoor module, and connects it to the outdoor module through one small hole in the wall.In terms of component related failures, control boards are the most common suspect. The length can be anywhere from 13' to 25' per run for our pre-packages where sets are included.What is best option for green house or grow room applications? It is important to remember that Ductless Splits cool - heat a larger area for it's BTU capacity than Portable or Window Air Conditioners.Zone refers to how many air-handlers the unit comes with out of box. .Homes constructed under NJ's Residential New Construction Program are not eligible to receive cool Advantage Program rebates.For these spaces, we do not use the standard BTU - coverage area chart at top of this FAQ.What is the operating temperature range of the unit?To submit online, go to m/Rebates.For individual rooms that are difficult to heat or cool, or multiple rooms, Lennox Mini-Split Systems are like having a dedicated air conditioner or heat pump in specific areas.Unit is more expensive than Window or Portable AC's of similar cooling / heating capabilities.All current stocked air conditioners are Inverter range which means they have ambient temperature ranges from 5 - 109 Fahrenheit.Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate. The listed condenser capacity will be divided between the zone outputs in multi-zone systems.
We do not have a list of references of nationwide installers for our units.
3 When the work is completed by a licensed contractor, fill out and submit the applicable rebate form along with a dated receipt and contractor invoice showing the make, model and date of installation.