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Reward for tagged fish

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You should contact the agency that runs the program to report a tag.
Fish tagging occurs each spring on the Tittabawassee River and other Saginaw Bay tributaries during the walleye spawning run.When releasing a tagged fish, do NOT remove the streamer tag.Total length: From the tip of the snout to the end of tail fin.If the fish is harvested, please return the tag to the address below.You don't have to remove the tag if you're going to release the fish alive, just write down the tag number and the agency name or contact number.Contact FWC with THE capture information.Get the tag number.Repeat captures of the same fish are not uncommon.Tag Identification Tool to learn more about the program that might see how much is on my walmart gift card have put that tag out.The tag will have some kind of contact information (like a phone number or an address) printed on it, along with the tag number.You can measure the fish even if you're planning to release it alive.A tagging program doesn't tell us anything if there's no recapture information!No, don't send information.Anglers who catch a tagged walleye can report their catch by mail using the address on the tag, by calling the DNR Bay City Customer Service Center at, or online by visiting.All measurements should start at the tip of the snout, but where to end depends on what type of measurement you're taking: Standard length: From the tip of the snout to the end of the fleshy part of the tail (the caudal peduncle).When reporting tags by phone or mail, anglers are asked to provide their contact information as well as the tag identification number, the date the walleye was caught, the catch location, the fish s length, the fish s weight (if known and whether or not the.Anglers fishing in the Saginaw Bay area could receive 100 for reporting a tagged walleye to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.Reporting the tagged fish you catch is one of the easiest and best ways to get involved in tagging programs.Some programs even offer a reward for reporting tags.
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You can report a tagged fish whether you keep it, discard it dead, or release it alive.
Location where caught, kept or released, kept Released.