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Reward system for kindergarten students

reward system for kindergarten students

Rhinehart Neas updated: 8/2/2012 slide 1 of 1, non-Candy Rewards, this article will give ESL teachers some ideas for reward systems for kids that they can use in their classes.
Have lunch with the teacher.
I keep the jars on my what gift to get a guy friend counter, next to my refrigerator.Students may decorate and put their names on the canisters and use them to hold their money. haha!Although at first, you will want to make it fill up a little quicker so that they are able to get their first reward and understand.Keep parents informed, and give them an opportunity to contribute items for rewards.They work extra hard to earn it back, which can also be done.Be the line leader.I take 10 points for fighting, hitting, doing anyone physical harm, or cheating; 5 points for rudeness, disrespect, loud noises, and anything along those lines; and 1 point for minor things.Songs: Everyone loves a little personal recognition, and kids are no different.Do half of an assignment.At the end of two weeks, I give them their salaries." The amounts given are 100 points 25 cents, 99-90 points 20 cents, cents, cents, and 69-0 0 cents.Be the leader of a class game.It's best to keep the choices simple though, or you may use up a lot of class time waiting for kids to make up their minds!The rubber band serves the purpose of a fill line.This is a big deal and they are very upset about.The Education World archives have a wealth of articles with classroom management ideas and tips for teachers!Take home a class game for a night.Various animals, seasonal characters or objects, and silly faces are all good options.When they are towards the end (with about 5 cotton balls to go they will.