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Rewards and recognition questionnaire pdf

rewards and recognition questionnaire pdf

To maximise the value of this information it is important to confirm with Sample what motivates her, and to discuss with her the impact of this in her current or future role.
S a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes0 (s t!e rewards system o your organization being oowed genuiney a) Yes b) No c)Some extent0) Spending specia time wit!
This report has a shelf-life of months and should be treated confidentially.
Questionnaire on Rewards and Recognition, 01) You know about Rewards and Recognition programme in yourorganizationa) Strongy disagreeb) Neit!This report is based on Sample s responses to the Motivation Questionnaire (MQ).Likely to find opportunities for learning new skills very motivating Personal development is likely to be a strong source of motivation Very likely to enjoy spending time with and learning from colleagues Could be very discouraged by a lack of opportunity for self-development Check what.Superior b) 2o3workers c)!roug!Er agree nor disagree c) Strongy agree 0 #re you being appreciated appreciated or eery six mont!Page 13 of 14 Employee Motivation Report Sample Report: 14 About this Report assessment methodology This Profile is based upon the following sources of information for Sample Report: Questionnaire / Ability Test Comparison Group Used MQ US English v1 (Std Inst) MQM5_EN_US_IS01_ General Population (US).Anjali, gayatri gayatri viddyarishad, aris HAD,.B.A.1 Motivation Questionnaire Employee Motivation Report Name: Sample Report Date: 2 Employee Motivation Report Introduction This report describes the factors that are likely to have an impact on Sample s motivation at work.All other rights of SHL are reserved.Type o Rewards and Recognition do you preer more a) onetary b) Non monetary c) 5ot!The Employee Motivation Report Version Number: 1 SC All rights reserved.Likely hard rock hotel orlando aaa discount to enjoy a challenge and being professionally stretched Being able to achieve targets could be a source of satisfaction Goal-setting is likely to appeal A culture that emphasises achieving difficult targets is likely to appeal Could become frustrated by undemanding work Lack of targets.Praise and positive feedback is likely to be motivating Recognition for a job well done is likely to be energising Unlikely to be affected by a lack of praise Likely to become demotivated by a lack of support Check what forms of praise and recognition.T!es t!ese e Rewar ewards ds and Recognition Recognition proided by your organization a) 03 6 b) 63*06 c) *063-06 d) -*31006.S a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes 0 (s t!e rewards system o your organization being oowed genuiney a) Yes b) No c some extent 0) Spending specia time wit!It provides a high level summary of Sample s motivators and demotivators followed by more detailed information on what is likely to motivate and demotivate Sample at work including tips and suggestions on how to keep her motivated.
Look at special projects and make it clear to Sample what you are doing and why you are doing it Ease and Security Motivated by feeling secure about job and position, and by contextual factors, such as pleasant working conditions.
Questionnaire on Rewards and Recognition Name: Department: Designation: 01 you know know abou aboutt, experience: Rewar wards and and.