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Top win rate deck hearthstone

Ive already talked about Priests poor performance, but I want to say a few words about another surprise Reno Mage.
Assuming 50 win rate that is 60 games which is absurd.
More damage when you already have something ready to attack or a Charge minion on the board, Inner Rage it and hit.#3 Misplays I know, I know.Hearthstone: Heroes.There are legitimate Tier-3 or better decks for every class, and every class except Paladin has shiseido free gift multiple legitimate archetypes in the meta.The first one is the great Warlock performance.I mean, minions so big that even turning them into a 5/5 is an improvement.Hamster.3 win rate (2-4 general Player Stats, most games played: Pavel magic butter coupon code 19 games.#3 Mage 55 out of 324 (17) decks played in total.Biggest Surprises #1 All-European Final It wouldnt be that big of a surprise if not for the Europes performance in the Group Stage.But still, even if you dont count those 4 loses, Warrior was still 9-11.In a lot of the matchups, play them right away and with 2x 8/7 and 2x 8/8 on the board, you should win next turn.So I really hope we wont see that next year.The two most polarizing decks in the game, Quest Rogue and Odd Warrior, are seeing their win rates fall as the field is attempting to walk the tightrope they have sprung).There are a few ways to utilize Tinkmasters effect.Lowest win rate player getting out of Group Stage: DocPwn.1, highest win rate player not getting out of Group Stage: Pavel.6, comeback players who got out of the losers bracket: Fr0Zen, LovelyChook, DocPwn and SamuelTsao, ban Statistics #1 Pirate Warrior 39 out.
The magic of it is the surprise factor. .
It was a tournament staple not that long ago and now its nowhere to be seen.

Stuff like Giants, Ragnaros the Firelord or Malygos.