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Uk gift card market

Gift cards bought for self-use are helping to drive loyalty with almost 3 in 5 (57 percent) of self-purchasers saying they visit a particular store or restaurant more often because of their gift card and 24 percent agreeing that they do this much more often.
Luncheon Vouchers appeared in 1955 and Green Shield Stamps in 1958, taking their place in British cultural life alongside Milk Tokens and Theatre Tokens.The UKs first voucher the Book Token appeared on the scene in 1930.This statistic shows the annual growth in sales of gift cards and vouchers as reported by members of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association in the second half of 2016 and the second half of 2017, by type.Which UK shoppers are buying gift cards for self-use?Who is benefiting from this trend?Women are more likely to do this to help them budget their shopping (26 percent compared to 22 percent of men).Those in the 55 years and over age bracket tend to spend 23, compared to 18-24 year olds free pokemon cards giveaway 2016 who spend.As of, may 24, 2018, National Gift Card has updated its, privacy Policy.Adyen for eBay Payments eBay gift cards will be introduced around the world?Both online and offline retail are gaining from the self-use trend.Gift cards are assisting retailers with customer acquisition over 7 in 10 UK shoppers agree that a gift card would encourage them to shop at a store they wouldnt normally visit additionally, nearly a quarter of Millennials say that it would definitely encourage them.Millennials (16-34 yr olds) are most likely (3 in 5) to purchase gift cards for self-use with a further 15 percent saying they do this often.At the start of November 2017, our CEO and some of the team attended a ukgcva meeting and some interesting insights were revealed from the first half year industry figures.Millennials in particular, who traditional retailers have typically struggled to reach, are adopting gift cards because they offer benefits they cant get elsewhere. The company has 600,000 registered users on its platform and sees between 20 40 thousand new users signing up each month.According to the UK Gift Card Voucher Association, more than 30 of vouchers were still paperback online terminal gift card in 2012.In the years that followed, retailers like Littlewoods and Co-op began issuing coupons and vouchers.If that wasnt bad enough, some 300 million worth of gift cards purchased each year are never redeemed!Today 97 percent of the gift cards sold on Zeek are for self-use, whilst the average self-purchaser buys.67 vouchers a week.
UK sales of gift cards and vouchers will likely continue to experience strong growth as online shopping increasingly becomes part of our daily lives.

Whilst shoppers are more commonly using them for online purchasing (66 percent nearly half of respondents (48 percent) have used them to shop in-store where the average order value is 17 percent higher than it is online.
Over 90 percent of our customers purchase gift cards for self-use, which has led us to reimagine them as Retail Currency, concludes Zelkind.