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Vedder holster law enforcement discount

vedder holster law enforcement discount

We experimented with this at my agency and discovered that it was extremely secure, but also difficult for people to work with.
The Hidden Agenda rigs are often made in batches and shipped to retailers.
This one is available in both black and a reddish tan.
It offers the same general features, but does not have the detailed construction that the Nano does.You want a size 15 for this one also.I own a Shadow II holster and have found it to be extremely well built and comfortable to wear.It has a slight forward cant.During that time, I worked in two different states and three different agencies.Alien Gear has a fairly simple product line, but what they do seems to work very well.It uses leather and balances the holster with a double magazine pouch.The cant can be adjusted and it has a tension screw for increased retention.Hooker The Hooker is very similar to the Clipper, but the clip is a J-hook style meaning it clips under the belt.Yeti-Tac Custom Holsters I like Yeti-Tac Custom Holsters.It is available in the typical leather finishes: plain, basketweave and high gloss.Ill go over each of them.Jak Slide If you didnt know, Galco finds its origins in The Famous Jackass Leather Company.It is very likely that you will purchase one with an out of date calendar.Ive seen this company grow during recent years, and it now offers a wide range of carry products.
The holster is good quality and it will stand up to a lot voucher buffet windsor 2017 of abuse.