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Wedding take home gifts

DIY Lace Tambourine Favors These little lace tambourines serve a dual purpose.
You can buy small burlap sacks or you can make them yourself which is actually the least expensive option.
The ingredients for mojitos or any other cocktail arent terribly expensive, particularly if you choose not to provide the liquor.I mean, whats not to adore about two people committing to their love for one another?I would highly recommend this company.' Cindy, Elk Grove Village,.Homemade Elderflower Jelly Wedding Favors Guests will really love receiving this lovely jelly as their wedding favor.Handmade Coaster Wedding Favors, these little coasters are really easy to make and are the perfect DIY wedding favor if you want something inexpensive and unique.I love planning and decorating for them and I really love attending them.You can make any jelly that you want.Already have an account?The gist of the idea is to label the jelly jars with your names and even the date of your wedding.Mixed tapes have been around for decades and thats just la vita vouchers what this DIY wedding favor.'Our experience with My Wedding Reception Ideas was fantastic!For a reasonable cost the order was expedited so that we received the boxes in only about 5 days.These are great for a rustic outdoor wedding and you can even add a small loaf of homemade bread if you have a lot of time and really want to make your guests feel special.So if youre planning a wedding and you want to stay under budget, these are definitely the wedding favors that you need to consider.Just fill your jars with your candle mixture and then add a nice label or other design to the jar itself.I get so excited when I know that a wedding is happening and this collection of DIY wedding favors makes me doubly excited.Create custom mugs with your own initials and the date of your wedding or if you know who will be at the wedding, you can make custom monogrammed mugs for each and every one of your guests to take home afterwards.Cookies in a jar have been popular gifts for years and you dont have to do large jars.Now, you certainly dont have to go with elderflower jelly.From birdseed hearts to candles and even a great mixed tape of your wedding songs, there are so many ways to customize your wedding favors and make your guests really feel a part of your big day.

Wedding favors can also be placed in personalized wedding guest gift bags or favor bags that are custom printed with a design or monogram along with the bride and groom's names, wedding date and a special thank you message.
Theyre made from square ceramic tiles, which you can get at any home improvement store for under 1 each.