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What oscars did the social network win

what oscars did the social network win

"Raging Bull" United Artists Year: 1981, at the 53rd Academy Awards What beat it: "Ordinary People" "Raging Bull" is director Martin Scorsese's masterpiece.
Cliff Robertson for Charly (1968) Best Actors Refusing Their Oscar Trophy: George.
"The Social Network : Original Soundtrack by Trent Reznor".
The Most Best Actor Oscar Nominations - Without Winning: Peter O'Toole is the only star with eight Best Actor Oscar nominations without a single win."Fargo" Working Title Year: 1997, at the 69th Academy Awards What beat it: "The English Patient" Masterfully made by the Coen Brothers with the help of legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, "Fargo" is hilarious and violent story about people in the midwest, who are often not."Saving Private Ryan" Facebook / "Saving Private Ryan" Year: 1999, at the 71st Academy Awards What beat it: "Shakespeare in Love" Steven Spielberg's riveting look at the horrors of World War II will go down in history as one just mens rings coupon code of the greatest war movies ever.5 6 After further reflecting, Reznor apologized and told Fincher to keep him in consideration, to which he told Reznor that he had been waiting for him to accept."36th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards".The film is so iconic that it inspired FX's anthology series based on its world.Only four African-American actors have won the Best Actor Oscar: Sidney Poitier for Lilies of the Field (1963) Denzel Washington for Training Day (2001) Jamie Foxx for Ray (2004) Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland (2006) 2016 was the first year in Academy.A lot of fans and critics wanted 'Get Out' to win best picture, but it was a tough year to win.Universal Studios, the, oscars determine the best in filmmaking. .Physical and Mental Disabilities or Diseases An overwhelming number of actors have won (or been nominated for) the top acting (and supporting) awards for portraying characters with physical or mental disabilities (personality disorders, amnesia) or diseases (with handicaps, such as blindness or muteness, tics, etc."Complication with Optimistic Outcome" 3:19.You definitely can't say the same for "Shakespeare in Love." "Brokeback Mountain" Focus Features Year: 2006, at the 78th honest company promo codes 2017 Academy Awards What beat it: "Crash" Many speculate that the subject matter in "Brokeback Mountain" (men falling in love) made Academy voters, who were mostly older."Something's Happened" (The Gentle Hum of Anxiety) 2:18.African-American (or Black) Notables: There have only been twenty-three African-American (or black) nominations for Best Actor, divided amongst fourteen what retail stores sell qvc gift cards different performers.Since then, two other male performers have been double-nominated in a single year (wins are marked with - Pacino was the first actor to be nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in two different roles; the second actor in Oscar history.
The film opens Oct 1 in the US with the record likely available a couple of weeks ahead of that.
"The Houston Area Film Critics Nominations".