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Vasuki, kalsarpa Yoga Rahu in you can win by shiv khera in hindi third house, Ketu in ninth: The person would have trouble dealing with his brothers and friends.
Rudrashatakam written by Goswami Tulasidas in Ramacharit Manas should be chanted regularly.We understand the intrinsic value of marketing and will help you capitalize on this cost-efficient marketing tool.Branding, establish, grow and maintain strong customer relations and communicate effectively with your clients through marketing.There would be a lot of trust issues between the person and his friends.Again, noted Astrologer.My advice to the readers is not to take this yoga too seriously and go on with the life.The figure on the side illustrates this point.Takshak, kalsarpa Yoga Rahu in seventh house, Ketu in first: There is a need for the person to be extra careful in matter relating to married life and business partnerships.We support deal companies from around the world.Whether you have a website or not, Pudhukadai can immediately deliver more appointments to your service based business.Kalsarpa Yoga Rahu in eighth house, Ketu in second: The person does not benefit from any paternal property.Online Mobile recharge, online Mobile recharge is completely different from what a mobile top up used to be earlier.Land, houses and modes of conveyance.g.Kalsarpa Yoga, a lot has been read, said and discussed about the Kalsarpa Yoga.The most important benefits of online mobile recharging include cashless transactions and the luxury to top up from any place.B.V.Raman is of the opinion that if the ascendant is on the other axis while all the planets are hemmed on one side of the axis, then the evil arising out of Kala Sarpa Yoga almost gets neutralised.In practice, it is observed that this role of Rahu and Ketu diminishes over time and good things are just delayed for such people.Mahapadma, kalsarpa Yoga Rahu in sixth house, Ketu in twelfth: The person would not do well in relationships and would have a very pessimistic view of life.The person would be prone to problems like heart trouble, insomnia etc.The person is likely to lose out in matters of courts.